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Well, I made it through the night. Rejoice!

My arm hurts quite a bit. The faintest ones sting the most.

I am glad that I didn't go to the hospital but I was really close last night. Closest I've ever been without doing anything harmful to myself.

Kalena and Gaurav bought me bubblestea and then we watched Spiderman. After that Kalena fooled around on the computer while I ate doughnuts, read the Asimov book I'm reading, and fell asleep.

It is so hot in here! *opens window*
Today I am going to have a drink after I finish this and try to get a few more hours sleep before heading out downtown with k_girl to meet leella so we can go to the Hamilton Museum of Art (free admission). I will also be looking for a new day planner since Day-Timer is no longer in my good books, and anyone who knows me knows how organised I need to be, or else I end up back in my tree only to fall out again. :P

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