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Finding help

I found you in my dream last night.
It started out, I was pissed off at k-girl and Gaurav for screwing around with my computer so that none of my applications worked properly. I tried to beat both of them up, but I couldn't hit them hard enough. Amber (who periodically became Michelle) was yelling at me not to be so upset over it, but I was, I left the house to go to Emery's, but K-girl was already there, so I left to go to her house. After screwing around for awhile, I wanted to take a shower, but the landlord came over and started interrogating me about my budget. First I told him I didn't live there, then I told him I was gonna tell him my budget anyway. (FYI for anyone who cares: Rent, phonebill, food, everythingelse (in that order).) Well, I was trying to take a shower, ended up being a bath because the landlord was in the room and there was no shower curtain. After the bath I left to go to Gaurav's (apparently they lived in different house). Didn't stay there very long at all. I wandered over to a house that Marc had just moved into. There was a very nice empty room, but one of the girls living there was too snotty. So onward I treked and ran into this girl Amy that used to live on my block back in Chippawa. We hugged and kept walking. Marc had followed me from his house, and I think Kalean joined in at some point.At this point I realise Timmy is with me. We get to Adam's apartment, but it is also like a library/pool hall in the downstairs. The parking garages are confusing, so are the elevators. For the most part Timothy follows me around, but occasionally he will lie down and I panic because I know Amber will kill me if I lose Timmy. Before entering, everyone left except for Amy; we are trying to figure out which elevator will get me to Adam's apartment, well one of the elevators open and Adam is standing there, and it was if he was expecting me. I frantically found Timmy and we went up. That's all I can remember.

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