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I had my cell phone on tonight to kill the battery so I could charge it overnight. Well, my uncle called. The first time I didn't answer it. I received a letter in the mail today, pretty thick, with the word "realistic" written on the outside; I haven't read it yet, so I didn't want to talk to him. I thought about telling Amber not to answer my cell but figured she wouldn't hear it anyway. So later we were both in my room and the phone was ringing again. I told her why I wasn't answering it, then I said she could answer it if she wanted to tell him to fuck off. So she did. *wicked grin* I'm kinda nervous that he might think it was me, but really, so what if he does? The last two letters weren't bad. They were still emotionally clingy, but nothing like, 'I wanna fuck you'. So, guess I'm just gonna have to grit my teeth and see if he smartened up, if not, I'm ignoring him and if the letters don't stop, calling Sherri Frazier who is a police officer.

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