Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

Almost 7am

I decided not to sleep tonight. Not sure why. I guess I just didn't feel like it.

Decided to fool around on Kazaa for a bit, seeing as how I already got bored of Quizilla.

Worried about my feet and my legs. I've got these deposits around my ankles that they'll have to operate on eventually. I heard about someone who had it done. Lots of pain and being bed-ridden. :/

My lower legs, the part below the knee, have been giving me a lot of trouble this past month. I know what it's caused by. I know what the reason is, there just isn't much I can do about it now. I'll talk to the chiropractor about it but I don't think much can be done. At least I haven't got the cramps for awhile.

I'm also worried about osterosclorosis. It runs in my family apparently. Jeezus, I already have enough trouble with my joints and I'm hardly past being a teenager. :(

Got a song from AC stuck in my head. Play a lot of that today. Was gonna start a new character but Emery wanted to play Zelda, so that was okay. I played SIMs instead. The original unpathed version. It's a lot easier than with all those expansions.

I have been craving hamburgers lately. If my foot isn't bothering me too much, I'm thinking of going to buy some later today.

I listened to all my musicals tonight. If anyone has the Starlight Express soundtrak, I'd really really really like to borrow it. Hrmm. Maybe I'll see if the Hamilton Public Library has a copy... I don't really know of many other musicals. I'm not all that fond of Miss Saigon. Showboat could be cool, but I'm not interested in Crazy For You. Cats gets on my nerves too quickly, and I hear enough of Tommy at the Andersons :)

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