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I know what you told me to do. I know how aggravated you would be to find out that I didn't. I want to talk to you about this and tell you what is going on in my mind, but you will only get frustrated with me and I don't want that.
I've been keeping the letters as evidence. I want to give them to you, but you will get frustrated with me also for not persuing a course of action.
All I have to do is pick up the phone and call your sister and all of this will stop. It shouldn't matter that he said he'd kill himself. That isn't my responsibility. And the trash he's saying, that it's my fault he wants me, I'm not responsible for that either.
Something so simple though, isn't. Already my family is going to court in October. Everyone has been through so much. I know what you said, I'm not the one starting anything, he did.
I don't know if just telling him I can't play this game anymore will work. I've been able to get rid of obsessed stalkers before without legal action, but they weren't older men and they weren't related to me.
Okay. That's what I'll do.

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