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I slept okay last night. The dream wasn't so bad. It started out with Adam and Emma having this huge (big enough to get lost in) fabulous house With an indoor multilevel swimming pool. In the end it ended up as Gerry and Barb's house and they had 2 cats and a puppy, and only their daughter was with them. Barb decorated this cake until there was more icing than cake and Leah and Amber were supposed to take a plane with me back to university campus but we walked instead.

The second part was a bit upsetting. It was about me being behind in class and missing assignments I hadn't known about. And I was living at my old house but it was my mom and Ed Anderson were the parents and my room was a disaster. Nothing was where I had left it and they had stuff all over the hallways and things and my light wasn't working. I was so mad at them. Ian was saying there was a virus (ICQ Word), but they had left my computer on the whole time. GRRR!
I've dreamt about this house before, in a similar situation, where we were just moving in and I was unpacking. I don't have clothes in my room in this setting, which I find peculiar. I'm wearing clothes, so where did they come from?

I'm still tired, but I don't know if I want to go back to sleep. I'm worried about over-sleeping.

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