Peripheral (nineveh_rains) wrote,

These dreams are driving me crazy

I don't want to sleep because I know I'll have wacked out dreams.
When I wake up I can't figure out if I remember something because I dreamt it or if I dreamt that I remembered something.
Something similar: I can't figure out if I've dreamt something before or if I'm only dreaming that I dreamt it before. ARGH!!!
I swear I've been experiencing a disproportionate amount of REM while I do sleep. Sometimes I can't wake up, other times I only sleep for 4 hours.
Most of the dreams involve people/situations I know. One I had today was that Chris Grensberg lived across the street from my mom's old house. Another involved Kalena on a Star Trek like set. The one I woke up during was a school play where I did not know my part nor what I was supposed to be doing. I've had a similar dream before where I was doing a musical in middle school and I didn't know the dance steps.

So once again I am tired but do not want to sleep. I think sleep has always been a curse for me. I deprive myself, then I get insomnia, now I want anything not to sleep.

Even the basement is too warm.

Life is so subjective.

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