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Gay Day

I had a fun time today. Other than everyone feeling sick on the way home, things went alright. I got to exercise one of my personal philosophies: "Free stuff is good stuff." All of us got a bunch of free condoms and entered to win a year's supply. There was a game called Spin the Chick where they were trying to promote lubricant. Kalena lent me the money so I could buy a book about these two men who fought to adopt two little boys. I heard them saying they won't let men adopt girls. I saw these two boys who looked to be about 13. They were wearing short denim shorts and were topless; they each had a rainbow kiss painted on them. They were so cute! *.*
The parade was good. I liked the float with the people in hard hats. And the group that had these signs saying "gays are geeks too". One guy's sign said, "You should see my hard drive." and one girl's said, "I watch CBC everyday." There was an Otaku one that Marc said translates to "girl-on-girl".

Anyone who hasn't been in Hamilton for the past few days, you are so fucking lucky! It took forever to get anywhere because of all the road closures and detours caused by the Cycle Championships.

I want to sing a duet with leella. ^.^

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