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Drinking iced tea at 3 am reminds me of when we survived off of 3 Litres of iced tea a day during Semester 2 exams of our first year at McMaster. Good times.
I'm not trying to stay awake, it's just sorta happening. And I have no one to talk to online so I am listening to techno and playing popcap games.
I had to help Timmy get his bum upstairs to my bed. I think maybe he has less energy now that he is on a diet. He seems happy to be on my bed. It was almost as though he wanted me to pick him up, and I know he hates being picked up. But he's here now, and I'm kinda bugging him because I keep taking pictures of him while he's sleeping. But he's such a cutie boy. My good boy. I love him.
I am getting excited about accomplishing my first knitted blanket. I know 13 squares isn't a lot, but this is my first knitting project ever and it's coming along a lot better and faster than I expected.
I was planning on playing Shivers today, but I never got around to it. I did get a little further in the PVP archives though.
I'm sure I'll have some more blathering before the night is through.
Oh yeah, Kalena wants to have a double wedding with me so that after we say "I do." we can take each others' hand and run out of the church together in our wedding dresses. :) She wanted to write a story about it. I told her it'd be 3 sentences at the most. I love the way she makes me laugh. {3 hours of less! LOL!}
Aaaaaah! I miss my moose! I hope she is liking camp. Okey, I guess I shall finish playing my game now. Oh yeah, I got to level 15 in Bookworm. I'd only gotten up to level 12 before.

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